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American Gods

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By Neil Gaiman
Go here RIGHT NOW and buy it before I have to bitchslap you.
Rating: DIVINE.
Read: Xmas 04

Holy crapmonkeys, I LOVE THIS BOOK. I can't remember who gave it to me (Sreya?) but I ADORE it. Neil Gaiman is absolutely brilliant (and sexy, too).

We begin with a framed convict on the day he is released from prison. All he wants it to go home to his wife.

Alas, the heavens decide to intervene.

The premise is that gods survive on belief. The more people believein them, the stronger they are, and vice versa. When immigrants came to North America, they brought their gods with them. Naturally, the people and the gods evolved to suit the new terrain, and so you can have an American and an Indian version of, say, Vishnu. Both are Vishnu, they're just a little different. The American one is significantly less well off.

So, it's in 2000s and there are a ton of waning gods out there. Worse, a new wave of gods- the Almighty Dollar, the Media, Technology- are making a bid for power. A storm is coming, and somebody's definately gonna die.

At first it seems like our antihero, the convict, is rather blase and uninspiring, but as the novel progresses and he is challenged in many ways, we see that his personality is actually just very quiet- and he is a force to be reckoned with. My personal theory is that years in prison deadened him, not to mention the tragedy that greets him when he is released. I verily like him.

And one of the gods is ANANSI. How freaking cool is that?! I recognized him immediately- the trickster god can't hide from an African girly. He was always one of my favorites. In fact, the sequel, Anansi Boys, is coming out in September and I just might splurge on the hardcover.


Written by Shen

March 27, 2005 at 1:37 am

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