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Take a Thief

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By Mercedes Lackey
Is it really worth trying to sue a college student?
Rating: Loverly
Read: 2003

Lovely, lovely book. I have trouble navigating the Mercedes Lackey realm, so I decided to try one of the stand-alone novels- And now I’m in love with the main character and NEED to read more books with him in it. x.x;

I’ve been informed that Skif is in the Arrows trilogy.

Take a Thief features Skif, a boy whose mother died when he was young and left him in the care of his rotten uncle. Since life under ‘Nuncle Londer’ sucks, Skif joins a band of boys living under the roof of a man named Bazie, who’s a cripple. Bazie is like a father to the boys and teaches them the finer principles of thievery, and they do the work he cannot. Bazie’s nice. ^^ Then tragedy… horrificness… a burning need for Justice… and Skif is falling into the blue eyes of a Companion… ^_^ Cymry’s COOL. Yeah, the usual.

Despite the slightly drawn-out feel, I enjoyed it. Mercedes Lackey writes the kind of books one just devours and finishes wanting more. Very good after-school reading. As long as you don’t have homework.


Written by Shen

March 27, 2005 at 1:34 am

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