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Trickster’s Queen

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By Tamora Pierce
Everyone loves TP. Show her some love.
Rating: Improved.
Read: April/May 2005

I didn’t like Trickster’s Choice very much. I had been looking forward to it because, hey, it’s Alanna’s DAUGHTER. She’s GOT to be cool.

Well, she is… flippant. Very, very flippant. She is completely George’s child. Aly is very much the opposite of Alanna, and they fight whenever they’re both home. Aly is happiest when George and Myles let her in on the tricks of their trade: Spy work. Unfortunately, but George and Alanna want something safer for their only girl, and try to persuade her away from it… while Alanna also bitches about how Aly lacks direction and motivation. More about what I think of Alanna’s portrayal later.

In Trickster’s Choice, the god Kyprioth (patron of the Copper Isles) singles Aly out to be his human agent on Earth. The Copper Isles were conquered by whites (luarin) some three hundred years ago, and the native raka people are second-class citizens. Kyprioth charges Aly with stirring up a rebellion to oust the luarin (who are looked after by the Mother Goddess and Mithros, his siblings) from his island. She is placed close to two young women (Saraiyu and Dovesary Balitang) who fit the description found in a raka prophecy, and keeps them safe until they can return to the capital city safely.

In the sequel, Aly and the Balitangs return to the capital, which is rife with tension. The king is a boy of about five years old, and his regents are shoddy rulers. Aly and the other members of the rebellion do their jobs- and I won’t spoil all the little twists and turns for you.

I wasn’t excited to read this, but about halfway through, things got VERY interesting and from then on I couldn’t put it down. (A specific event triggers this- but it’s so crucial that I can’t even hint what it is.) I’ve been disappointed in TP’s work since the Keladry fiasco (ACHINGLY predictable) but Aly could run rings around Kel. I knew where the predictable paths were… and TP didn’t take them. Like Alanna, Aly has her own head, and she doesn’t just do things because that’s how you’d think they should be done. She does them because she THINKS about them.

And let me tell you… I was dead set against Nawat. I thought he was boring, and lacking, and just generally a nuisance. But now-! *SWOON* Oh my god, Nawat has become a MAN. And you know how I feel about confident, competent, SEXY men. He’s officially up there with Jon and Liam now.

The captain of the king’s guard is awesome, too. I wish he’d had more facetime…

*cough* So, I believe this may well signal a return to TP Excellence. I cannot WAIT for Will of the Empress to come out.


Written by Shen

May 9, 2005 at 12:42 am

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  1. I bought these books a while back and didn’t really read them until now because I read all the other series by TP. I love her work and these two books had me hooked from begining to end. I couldn’t have asked for better books from TP. But if you want to read them i would suggest reading the Song of the Lioness Series First, at least. things will connect much better in the book. TP’s writing is amazing and the book was unpredictable with Aly’s life, Nawat, and the captain of the King’s gaurd, along with the rest of the plot. TP just kicks but, hands down.


    June 12, 2007 at 6:26 pm

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