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She Woke Up Married

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By Suzanne Macpherson
I got mine at the grocery store, but you can try
Rating: Enjoyable.
Read: May/June 2005

No, I didn't miss a write-up or stop reading- I just… well, I missed a write-up. More on Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince later.

Lets talk Chick Lit. I have a weakness for reading bad romances just to see how bad they are. They can also be amusing, and fun. I have yet to find a regency romance that satisfies this, but chick lit has come through on several occasions.

Today's bit of pulp I found at the grocery store. Yes, yes. I am truly ashamed of this habit. The title made me pick it up to show my mother. How RIDICULOUS- "She woke up married." How stupid! For amusement's sake, I read the back, and discovered that, not only had Patricia "Paris" James gone to Vegas, she'd woken up married to an ELVIS impersonator. That sealed the deal- I had to find out if this thing was a travesty or gold.

Thankfully, it was not terrible. It did, however, break the usual romance mold, that is: Man & woman meet up, exchange firey glances, dillydally, get all hot under the collar but do not do the deed, have gigantic misunderstanding, have wild and amazing sex, have further misunderstanding that seems insurmountable this timereallyweswear, make up, go off into the sunset to have more sex. In THIS book, they muck around at the beginning and then have some big probbers. I've read one other book like that, which I adored, that being A Thoroughly Modern Princess. In fact, they have very similar plots, but that's beside the point.

What I liked about SWUM (lovely acronym, that…) were the unusual characters and setting. True, there was a lot of convenience involved (The Elvis is an old high school friend who was in love with her back then, too; She's a model in NYC with a ton of money), but I can forgive that. Paris is a truly obnoxious woman, and I like that. She didn't have her saving graces from the start- she was cow from the get-go, and had to get a good smack to learn otherwise. Our Elvis is also very interesting. He's not just Elvis- he's a PREACHING Elvis, with his own Vegas chapel who grew up in the islands. (How could I NOT take this one home?) He also rooms with a former showgirl who now pays the bills by being that sexy voice on the other end of a Sex Hotline. That's some fun stuff right there.

SWUM has a lot of typical romance and chicklit elements, but it works just fine because there's enough about it that's unique and- oh my Clawd- PLAUSIBLE. Never does one feel that this stuff is just too crazy to be real. It all makes sense, man.

Bottom line, I'm happy. Maybe not $6 happy, but happy. (DAMN the rising cost of living!)


Written by Shen

June 5, 2005 at 3:23 am

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