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Sex & the City

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By Candace Bushnell

Cheaper than the DVDs:
Rating: Typical
Read: July 2005

I adore the show to BITS. But, I read Bushnell’s 4 Blondes perhaps two years ago and was thoroughly unimpressed. She’s the Fitzgerald of her generation in that she writes about the American ‘aristocracy’, which is a thoroughly jaded, degernate, and utterly BORING set of people. But, since the show is so incredibly interesting and funny, I figured I’d forgive Ms. Bushnell and give the original a try.

I’m amazed they managed to wrangle so much humor out of the idea, since the book is not nearly as amusing. It’s more a series of vignette-style accounts. We meet characters, not people, who all have their traits and their reputations. Few stories are told from Ms. Bushnell’s POV; often they are recountings of things that have happened to the women in her circle of friends.

Her style isn’t much different from that in 4 Blondes, but this is MUCH more enjoyeable than 4 Blondes. And the TV show is better still. This is not at all required reading if you watch the series.


Edit: The coolest thing about the cover are Carrie’s shoes. Heyll yeah.


Written by Shen

August 1, 2005 at 10:57 pm

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