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The Prince (of Venya)

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By Elizabeth Minogue (aka Elizabeth English)
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Rating: SQUEE!
Read: January 2006

I need a Piratical Adventures category. This is the way books should be, in my opinion. Swashbuckling, evil kings, handsome rogue princes, intelligent heroines, great humor, compelling love. A little bit of everything. Needless to say: It’s a new favorite.

Another supermarket find, I read the back and went for it. Florian (do not judge–he makes the name cool) is the prince of Venya, a nation conquered by its neighbor Valinor when he was only seven years old. He is the last survivor of the royal line, and for the last eighteen years he has dedicated himself solely to reclaiming it, by any means… including piracy. The Prince of Venya’s name is known across the world- women swoon over him and stories are told across the land. If you heard it in a song, then it must be true.

Rose of Valinor knows those songs and she is desperate; her uncle, the king of Valinor, has effectively held her captive since he assumed Valinor’s throne shortly before taking over Venya. Rose has a minute window in which to escape–and she has heard that TPoV is in the same harbor. She seeks him out, more than a little panicked, and asks for his help… only to be left behind where Richard’s guards will surely find her.

But then our heroine proves herself worthy of the title: she follows Florian out his secret exit, clever girl. And then he has no choice but to get her out of immediate danger and so on…

It may not sound very unusual, but the way it’s written is amazing. The characters are compelling, their actions make sense and suit them. The threats are real. And there’s none of the usual “I don’t really love you” “Well, I don’t love you either, lets part… OH GOD I LOVE HIM/HER!” thing. No, it’s much more sincere.


This is Minoque’s first book under this name, but I’m going to hunt down her books under the name English and pray they’re as wonderful. And also hope that she writes some sort of sequel… as long as it isn’t about Cristobal. Beylik or Ashkii would be great. Or Ewan. Totally Ewan.

…go read the book! Buy it! Encourage the publisher!!

I don’t know why they called it The Prince, though–it’s so utterly unlike Machiavelli. It should be The Prince of Venya. Maybe some hotshot will listen to me. Yer, right.

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Written by Shen

January 28, 2006 at 12:43 pm

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  1. i certainly do want a sequel because everything you say about the prince is true. a great adventure story plus it is an almost distinct species – a believable romance! five stars!!!


    March 7, 2006 at 6:52 pm

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