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By Chris Baty
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Rating: Fwee!
Read: March 2006

Mr. Baty, you’ve done it again! Taken another step in the movement, that is. In a really, really cool way. Chris Baty founded NaNoWriMo (go check it out, you know you want to), and like all good founders, he went on to write a book about it–a book that seriously can help NaNo’ers get through the prep, and the month, and come out relatively sane on the other side.

The book is divvied up into sections for preparing, the 4 Weeks Baty has identified as being significant, and the aftermath. Each section has very good tips for making it from week to week, including dealing with friends and family and those pesky voices in your head (aka characters). Best of all, he’s fun and funny. There is no boringness here!

So, get yourself a copy in September, play around with the ideas in October, then dig in with the rest of us in November. See you on the other side of boring~!

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Written by Shen

March 21, 2006 at 11:43 am

Posted in loved it, nonfiction

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