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On The Road

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On The RoadBy Jack Kerouac
I'm not going to tempt you with a link. It's too awful.

Read: March 2006

It's not really true to say that I've read this… I stopped after 40-some pages because it was just too awful. It's Fitzgeraldian–and that is not a compliment when coming from me.

Where the hell do I begin? This is the biggest load of crap since Amory Blaine passed out on Nassau Street. Sal is a writer-ish fellow living with his maiden auntie in Northern Jersey ("New York). He has buddies across the country… and the entire book is about him, and particularly with the company of his mad friend Dean, traversing the nation again… and again… and again. With no particular purpose. They're looking for "it." One minute "it" is the simple life… then it's adventure. They leave women (who are portrayed as cardboard decorations) in their wake.

Personally, I think they've got the hots for each other and should've just gone into a motel and banged one another. That would have been much interesting.

Instead, we're subjucted to Kerouac semi-biographical account of travels. And that's pretty much all it is… We went here. Then he said this. Then we went there. Then we got high. With booze. And girls. But the girls ditched us at the bus stop. So we found more girls and ditched them. Had a headache the next morning; surprising.Went to see so & so. Met some hobos. Hobos are teh shit. Met Mexicans. Smoked more weed. Went home. Left again.

This book is plastered with "defined a generation" terms… but if this was a generation, I am SO glad I missed out on it. It's the one before my parents. Pre-Baby Boomer. And I realized something. This Beat generation raised Generation X.

And the mystery of Why The 80s SUCKED is solved.

I am teh genius.

Coming up soonish: Further Confessions of Georgia Nicholson and 1984.


Written by Shen

March 27, 2006 at 4:02 pm

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