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On Categories

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 On Authors

For authors I follow, and thus earn themselves several posts. So far we have:

Anne Bishop
Melanie Rawn
Mercedes Lacket
Philippa Gregory
Tamora Pierce
On Ratings 

When I rate a book within the post, I give it a descriptive adjective, like “SQUEE!” or “Nyargh” or “Nice.” Take those as you will, but I consider them to be way more informative than a number system.

I also highlight the best, the worst, and the mediocre with their own categories:
–Blah – SO not impressed. Kinda one way or the other. Wishy washy. Take it or leave it. That sort of thing.
–Hated It – Scum of the earth, may the author rot in hell!
–Loved It – A fave, a winner, j’adore!

You have been warned.

On Series

Again, when I follow a series I’ll often ed up with several posts for that one series. Sometimes not. When I make 1 post for several books, they go under the more general “series” category. When it’s a series I plan to continue reading–and so continue posting about–it gets its own category. Congratulations to Discworld, Pern, the Incarnations of Immortality and… Harry Potter (which has now graduated from the kiddie section. Whee!).


Written by Shen

May 17, 2006 at 2:02 am

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