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The Joys of Used Books

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Strand Books is one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world. I mean, 8 miles of books? At discount prices? I’d live there if I could.

There are a lot of stories that begin with a used book. Here’s one I didn’t expect to happen to me.

I got How I Paid For College at Strand after much searching. The guys at the info desk in the back think I’m an idiot; they’re always unhelpful (“it’s back there somewhere”) and last time I knocked a pile of classics off the same table that has all the erotica on the bottom shelf. Oh, and then I totally left my bag and a basket of our to-be-purchased books around a corner long enough to make them ask about it while Sreya and I tried to find Pride & Prejudice. I know, I know.

Anyway, after that harrowing evening of book shopping, we spent the train ride home flipping through the books. And lo and behold, this fell out.


There’s nothing on the back. No names. Nothing. Just… these four idjit kids staring back at me. It’s a really bizarre feeling. I don’t know if they left it there on purpose or if it was an accident. I don’t even know which of them it was who read and sold the book–or if it was the person taking the photo.

What I do know is that the dude on the right’s got a boner. And I feel like I’ve met both the guys on the right. How’s that for scary? Even better, the book in question is about a gay guy trying to go to Juiliard with the help of his wacky friends. …yeah.
So, Random College kids who return books with mysteriously bizarre photos, keep in mind. You, too, can end up on some reader’s blog! And possible Google images. Eventually.


Written by Shen

August 5, 2006 at 1:24 am

Posted in real life

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