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Well, school starts on the 5th, so things are probably going to quiet down some over here. To compensate, I may do some mini-reviews of selected chapters assigned for my classes.

I’m also most disappointed that someone proclaimed “Smart Bitches Day” and I didn’t find out until now. The Smart Bitches are my longlost cyber snarksisters.
I had to put Spring Moon on hold (aaagh!) because I’m close enough to the end that it would be a waste to trek it into the city with me. *sob* I’ll finish it by the coming Friday, no doubt, and then we can indulge in some It’s Not Gone With the Wind But It’s Good talk.

Meanwhile, I have a packet of materials for the opening lecture, Beast, and the first of Naomi Novik’s dragony/Napoleonic books. I have been DYING to finish those. If I start it and it’s uber-good, I may just swing by a bookstore and get me the third.

So, that’s the State of the Git. I also owe you a “Why I Was Disappointed” review for another book Sreya leant me. Sigh. Never enough time. I’m off to crusie the Internet for webcomics.


Written by Shen

August 27, 2006 at 5:08 pm

Posted in real life

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