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The Coming Semester

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Wow. I’d forgotten how much reading is involved in seminars. I bought the last of my books today, so I can give you a bit of an projection as to what I’ll be reviewing under duress this semester:

  • War & Peace, by Leo Tolstoy. Yes, that W&P. It’s HUGE.
  • Iphigeneia At Aulis by Euripedes. (This and the Tolstoy are for the same class. 1300 pgs vs. 112 pages. Modern Russian squashes ancient Greek!)
  • Selections from the works of Homer. (Not Homer Simpson.) I didn’t like it in 9th grade; we’ll see how it goes down now.

Those are the obvious ones. I’m also exposed to Sebald, Eck, a bunch of religious things, lots of ‘realism’ pieces, and gawd only knows what else. They’re not listed here because they’re just selections from packets. Harr.

Over the weekend I’ll do up a review for His Majesty’s Dragon; I’m way too exhausted right now. First week back at school is toughmonkeys!


Written by Shen

September 6, 2006 at 10:38 pm

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