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Feeling Sorry For Celia

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By Jaclyn Moriartycelia
Stop moping and buy it! @Amazon
Read: January 2007
Rating: Wonderful

I was wandering around Strand, in desperate need of something to replace The Captain’s Caress (blech), and just when I’d given up hope, I found this. Somebody up in the Big Library of Time And Space loves me.

Elizabeth Clarrey lives in Sydney with her mother, and has a special relationship with her best friend Celia, who’s more than a little nutty. Celia is the type to run away to join the circus on a whim–which she does. Liz is torn between concern and 15 years of proof that this is Just How Celia Is, and She’ll Come Back Eventually. When she doesn’t, Liz begins to truly worry, but Celia’s equally batty mother isn’t interested.

The only person Liz can turn to is her penpal, part of a school program to her her private school acqainted with the public school down the block. Christina’s life is its own kind of crazy, and soon the girls are eagerly exchanging letters, sometimes more than one in a day.

In fact, Liz’s life is made of letters: Post-Its on the fridge from her Mum, postcards from Celia, and even notices from the Best Friends Association.

It’s true that Liz and her Mum aren’t often at home at the same time, and it’s sad that they communicate mostly through short notes. The tragedy of the latchkey kid. But, the love and affection is more than evident. They have a better relationship than most teenagers have with their mothers. They tease one another with good humor and have fun while still keeping tabs on the seriousness of Celia’s situation.

A great read, for teens and adults. Heartfelt. J’ador.


Written by Shen

February 18, 2007 at 1:13 am

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