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Angel Moxie

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By Dan Hessangelmoxie
Books at
Read: February 2007
Rating: Qute
Genre: Magical Girl, Parody, Humor
Format: Four panels
Style: Grayscale
Published: In 3 volumes, or a compilation (link above)

If you always thought Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura were too saccharine, look no further. AM is not your typical Magical Girl comic. In fact, it’s a parody. Dan Hess took some of the standard elements, played with ’em, and still retained the integrity of a magical girl storyline.

Alex, Riley, and Tristan are girls adjusting to their first year of junior high school. Alex wakes up on the first day of school with a heart-topped wand and a message from the Powers That Be that she is now the designated savior of the world. She and Riley team up to figure out how that wand works, and soon a talking cat guardian, Miyaneko Gato (Miyo on herself? “It’s been done.”), who helps to train Alex in her new magical skills.

Meanwhile Tristan is too cynical to socialize, and instead she’s taken in by a mysterious pair of floating eyes that ask for her help in releasing evil forces on the world. Since it’s better than school, she does.

Of course, Tristan herself isn’t really evil, and Alex isn’t really stupid enough to break her wand on the first day… (Ok, so she is…)

The trio are a rather typical 3-person team. Alex is perky, lazy, and a bit slow on the up-take: Pink Magical Girl. Riley is smart, geeky, and prone to yellows and blues: The Smart One. Tristan is unsentimental and would rather be left alone… or given a chance to kick ass so she can then be left alone: The Strong One. (Got the theme now? Good.)

The story is also very simple. Three preteens bestowed with the ability to save the Earth must learn to use their powers and defeat the evil that wants to dominate the planet. The villains run the gamut of ‘Dumb but Dangerous’ to ‘Multi-layered Savant.’ The talking cat guardian is alwayAngel Moxies trying to get the team to do their best. And yet…? What makes it so appealing?

First and foremost, it’s funny. Every day there’s a joke. The variety of characters allows for a wide range of humor, from the cynical to the stupid. The humor is not stereotypical–it’s actually quite clever.

And, truly? I found myself kinda emotionally involved. Tristan is badass, the secondary characters are lots of fun, and I was really moved at the end.

You can read Angel Moxie in its entirety online, but if you like magical girl stories and you like a bit of a kick in your punchline, you should consider buying the compilation right off the bat.

Webcomic artists need love.


Written by Shen

March 3, 2007 at 7:47 pm

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