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As if!

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By Amy MebbersonAs If!
Download it at
Read: June 2008
Rating: Like, totally.

I got to this one in a sort of backwards way. I found the artist’s DeviantArt page via the Disney Princess club there (shuddup) and from there got to her website, her current comic, Thorn (which is great), and then on to As If!

As If! is one of the better story comics. Not epic manga. Not inner turmoil. A reliable gag-a-day with consistency and growth. Two girls, outcast each in her own way, make friends and stay friends through all the best that high school has to offer. But it’s not just a high school story–it’s much better than that. These characters are very human. They’re quirky and fun, without going overboard. I know people like Hunter. The secondaries are fun, too–I love that, despite all their difference, Hunter and Sandy have held onto their friendship. Angela’s little sister is quite literally evil (see Thorn). And the boys really didn’t get enough air time–they’re wonderful.

I’m really sad that it ended long before I got here. The entire archive is now available for download in zipped chunks. They’re worth the read.


Written by Shen

June 14, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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