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Once upon a time, two people who loved books had a daughter. They read to her from her earliest moments, and she went into little childish ecstasies the very first time they took her into a book store. Now that daughter is technically an adult (but still childish) and making plans to write books of her own someday. In the meantime, she’s doing a lot of reading.

Preferred Genres: Fantasy, gratuitous romance, historical.

Favorite Elements in a Good Book: A bit of everything (sap, humor, suspense), pirates, snarky characters, magic use, powerful women, manly men who are not macho jerks, satire.

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What Gives Her The Right To Criticize Books, Anyway?

As mentioned above, I’ve been reading all my life. And, I write.  In fact, I’m doing my undergrad in creative writing, and I’m slowly building up publishing credits. (Very small ones, but, hey.) I am working toward becoming a novelist, and doing this by taking writing workshops and studying literature. So, I’m not unfamiliar with the Writing Game and its rules.

More importantly, though, I am a reader. Published books are an end-product, and should be recieved as such. Not a draft, not a manuscript, a finished product. They should be as near perfect as they’re going to get. I’m going to treat them as such. That makes me the consumer, and I expect a certain level of quality in what I consume.

So , who are you? 

I’m not famous, and I won’t point m’self out on this blog if/when I am. If you want to track me down, go for it. But I’m not going to advertise.


Written by Shen

March 22, 2006 at 5:18 am

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