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What these category classifications mean.

  • ratings — What I thought of it…
    • blah — SO not impressed. Kinda one way or the other. Wishy washy. Take it or leave it. That sort of thing.
    • hated it — Scum of the earth, may the author rot in hell!
    • loved it — A fave, a winner, j’adore!
  • classics — The famous and the infamous. Also the insanely popular.
  • fantasy — Dragons, magic, castles and witches. I can’t help it, I’m addicted.
    • magic — Indicates that magic is a significant part of the story/world. (As opposed to quite a lot of things, thank you very much! Read and learn!)
    • dragons — Here thar be dragons! (Cuz they’re so cool they need their own category…)
  • scifi — Science Fiction. Outer space, DNA manipulation, computers gone wild… yummx0rs.
    • futuristic — Set in a ‘future’ world. What may come…
    • alternate reality — Some things are the same… but something is very, very different here… Reality reimagined.
  • romance — Though I do have a weakness for cheap supermarket romantica, I also require a certain amount of lourve in most of what I read. It’s just more fun that way. I promise this category will only be for books that feature their sap and smut prominently.
    • fluff — Light, airy, dip-into-it-on-lunch-breaks kinda stuff. Fun read, little substance.
    • romantica — A nice way of saying… smut. You heard me. See The Cave.
  • nonfiction — Gasp, I do read some! (Mostly when forced…)
  • historical — Egyptians, Regency, Antebellum… if I wasn’t around to see it, it’s probably here.
  • regional — Where in the real world the book is focused.
    • Asia — PS, this will include South Asia below it. Apologies to my friends from the area.
      • South Asian — This is how Indians distinguish themselves from Chinese, Japanese, etc. Asia’s a big place, yanno…
      • manga — Japanese comic books, or ‘graphic novels.’ Known for their style. Said style is now being replicated in the English speaking world.
    • Africa — Continent of my birth.
    • Europe — ..yeah, that’ll be most things, won’t it? Books specifically having to do with this part of the world.
    • Americas — Set in the Americas for a reason.
  • Middle Eastern — Hot topic these days, eh?
  • biographical — Books that follow someone along the course of their life. Some are fictional, some are autobiographical. (Some are both…)
  • contemporary — Anything set in the present/modern day. Roughly the 1990s onward. Still iffy on where I would place anything from the 1950s & forward.
  • school book — I had to read it for school. That means I had no choice in the matter. DO NOT BLAME ME!
  • young’uns — Intended for younger audiences… which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not worthy.
    • harry potter — Yeah, THAT series… There may only be 7 of them, but you know you want easy access.
    • kids — ‘tween and under.
    • young adult — ie, teenagers.
  • fun stuff — Features that set me off. Great reccomendations.
    • piratical adventures — Swashbuckling! Swarthy men! Plenty of RUM! Allusions to Johnny Depp! You know you love it.
    • boys kissing boys — Honestly, do I really care where my smut comes from? Actually, I do. And this is all the warning you’re going to get from me when it comes to m/m OR f/f stuff. I like my yummies.


Written by Shen

May 17, 2006 at 2:04 am

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